MNPR-101 (huATN-658)

MNPR-101 (huATN-658) is expected to have broad spectrum activity against a variety of advanced solid tumor types. It has been shown to have robust anti-tumor activity in numerous preclinical tumor models. It has potential as a monotherapy, and may also enhance the anti-tumor activity of several widely-used chemotherapeutics as well targeted agents such as tyrosine kinase inhibitors and immune checkpoint modulators . No known uPAR interventional strategy has demonstrated comparable in vivo activity, and MNPR-101 (huATN-658) is the first therapeutic compound that targets uPAR to advance into clinical trials.

MNPR-101 (huATN-658) represents a new paradigm in targeting uPAR. MNPR-101 (huATN-658)’s unique and proprietary binding properties are key to its oncogenic mechanism. It binds uPAR in a manner that disrupts the CD11b (αM)-uPAR interaction, a possible integrin master switch, without blocking uPA binding. The result is a disruption of key signaling pathways in the growth and metastasis of tumors.

Cancer Research UK will be conducting the Phase 1 clinical trial of MNPR-101 (huATN-658) in patients with advanced solid tumors.