Business Strategy

  • Licensing and Acquisition
  •  Identify drug candidates that can be developed in combination with approved cancer drugs to mitigate toxicity while preserving antitumor efficacy
  •  Develop new combinations to eliminate overlapping toxicity while enhancing combination antitumor synergies
  •  Identify de-risked clinical opportunities where existing data supports development of drug combinations if combination toxicity can be mitigated
  • Speed
  •  Emphasis is on licensing clinical stage drug candidates for niche market opportunities, where the cost of further development is minimized and the time to market is shorter
  •  Accelerate clinical development by defining cancers by their molecular networks rather than their tissue of origin (e.g. breast cancer, pancreatic cancer)
  • Commercialization
  •  Leverage Monopar team's experience in developing and excuting successful launch and commercialization strategies for multiple product approvals in the U.S and EU