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On July 9, 2015 Monopar announced its first drug development partnership with Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research UK will be taking forward Monopar’s experimental antibody treatment MNPR-101 (huATN-658) into clinical trials in patients with advanced solid tumors.

Under this agreement, Cancer Research UK will finance and complete preclinical development of MNPR-101 (huATN-658), and conduct a Phase I clinical trial in cancer patients. While drug efficacy will be monitored, the clinical trial’s main objective will be to evaluate the safety of the antibody. Upon completion of the clinical trial, Monopar has the right to acquire the clinical trial data for its own further development of MNPR-101 (huATN-658). If Monopar declines the option to acquire the clinical trial data, and Cancer Research UK elects to continue the development of MNPR-101 (huATN-658), Monopar will receive a share of any future revenue from the drug.

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