Validive (clonidine MBT)

Validive, an agonist of alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, is designed to deliver high concentrations of the active principle (clonidine) transmucosally in the oral cavity, the site of damage during radiotherapy of head and neck cancer that leads to severe oral mucositis (SOM). Clonidine reduces the expression of cytokines, the molecules that are responsible for the ulcerations and pain in SOM, by white blood cells in the oral mucosa. The MBT technology delivers high salivary concentrations of clonidine and minimizes systemic absorption allowing for maximal local dosing of drug to the at risk oral mucosa. A randomized, double-blinded phase II trial confirmed Validive (clonidine MBT) ’s mechanism of action and demonstrated:

  • reduced incidence of SOM
  • improvement of oral mucositis-related symptoms
  • decreased radiotherapy-related adverse events
  • a safety profile similar to placebo
  • strong compliance to treatment

Severe Oral Mucositis

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Severe Oral Mucositis